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To find health should be the object of the doctor.

 Anyone can find disease.

— Andrew Taylor Still

Office: 614-483-3920

Fax: 614-349-4964

131 Oak Meadow Dr

Ste 100

Pataskala, OH 43062

Philosophy of Care

Dr. Forbush believes in the body's innate ability to heal itself given the appropriate support.  Optimizing the body looks different for each patient. Optimizing health looks different for every person. The idea of being healthy means very different things depending on one's life stage and life experiences; for some, it is remaining "disease-free", for others it may mean feeling strong and confident in their body, or being able to participate as fully as one can in Life.  For others, it is simply providing the highest quality of Life when facing terminal conditions.

**Reminder to all patients:**

An "Established Patient" is one where a patient has seen the physician in the previous 3 years. If you have not seen Dr. Forbush in the previous 3 years, you would be considered a "New Patient". If you have seen her in the previous 3 years, then remember to choose the "Established Patient" appointment(s) when booking. Rest assured any payment error made at booking, will be refunded to reflect the correct amount without issue. 

Osteopathic Manual Medicine

To promote transparency of medical costs for procedures and visits, Dr. Forbush lists current prices.

Her practice is Fee for Service, meaning payment is expected at booking or at the time of service for all appointment types.

 HSA/FSA, Credit Card and Debit Card payments are currently accepted methods.  

Payment plan invoicing available, conditions apply.

To provide exceptional personalized care without third parties carrier interference, she currently accepts NO insurance plans but will provide a superbill upon request and/or receipt for services. These can be submitted to Commercial Insurance plans for potential reimbursement or to be applied to annual out of pocket deductibles. This does not currently apply to Medicare or Medicaid per state & federal laws.

 New Patient Visit  for Osteopathic Manual medicine


New patient initial consultation

 Schedule Online

approximately 30-40 minutes session

Initial history and physical to include a

review of medical records, & if indicated and time allows then a

 first treatment.

New Acute care Family medicine ONLINE

Treatment of non-emergent acute care needs or Non-controlled substance prescription refill



A brief appointment for new or established patients to provide acute urgent Telehealth and non-controlled prescription refills.

Standard new patient paperwork will need to be completed like any in person medical visit. These forms will need to be completed prior to your scheduled appointment.  

Osteopathic Manual Medicine Packages


Per package of 3 - 6 visits


option for

 Improving Total Wellness

Call to Inquire or check out the scheduler by clicking below

25-80 minute sessions spaced to fit your needs

3-6 visits packages available 15-25% off 

For chronic complex conditions or for those wishing to optimize their body for optimal wellness, often partnering and creating a plan of ongoing care to help you reach your health goal is the best option.

Choose "Select" below to view available packages

Give the gift of healing to yourself or another

Alternative Medicine Consultation for OMMCP/Medical Cannabis

Valid state-issued ID & medical records documenting qualifying conditions from a physician (MD/DO) are required for this type of visit. 

Full payment is expected at the time of booking.  Currently accepted methods of payment debit card and credit card.  Refunds provided minus credit process fees provided on a case by case basis, please see cancellation policy.

New Patient Consultation Annual Service


Per year

For New Patients


Expect a 45-90 minute Initial Consultation with Dr. Forbush. Annual fee includes availability and follow up throughout your recommendation period with no hidden fees.

*Includes: Initial Consultation with extensive chart review, counseling & individualized care plan.

PLUS quarterly online followup & if needed a 6 month in-person, video chat or Telehealth visit during your Recommendation period.

*Dr. Forbush will personally order your medical records and submit your documentation to the State to qualify for Special status (SSDI)

Established Patients have TWO choices for OMMCP Program


Per Year

For Established  Patients


Expect a 20-45 minute annual Renewal Consultation with Dr. Forbush. .

This All-Inclusive Renewal includes:  

*an extended visit up to 45 minutes

* counseling & individualized care plan, and OMMCP related paperwork submitted on your behalf

*Dr. Forbush will submit SSDI forms on your behalf to qualify or remain in the Special status 

PLUS: quarterly online followup & if needed a 6 month in-person, video chat or Telehealth visit during your Recommendation period.


If you feel you have less follow up needs please inquire with Dr. Forbush regarding an express single visit renewal option.

New/ Established Patients Veterans


Per Year

For Veterans of the Armed Services


Expect a 45-90 minutes appointment for new patients & a 25-45 minute appointment for the established patient. 

*Veteran Patients:


*annual visit with 6 month in-person, video chat or Telehealth follow up as is most convenient for you.

* Dr. Forbush will submit forms on your behalf to qualify for special status


OMMCP Helpline

1-833-4OH-MMCP (1-833-464-6627)

The Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program Toll-Free Helpline responds to inquiries from patients, caregivers, and health professionals regarding adverse reactions to medical marijuana, and provides information about available services and additional assistance as needed.

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